Our approach

Continued commitment to responsible thought and action is at the heart of the LISA YANG brand. We believe that you should be able to wear your pieces for decades to come; together with our exceptional design, this means sourcing the best materials and manufacturing partners.

Since day one, we have worked with one of the worlds finest, natural fibres: cashmere. Sourced from Inner Mongolia - not far from where our founder, Lisa Yang, grew up.

Here, she explains what being a responsible brand means to her.

“Responsibility and striving for sustainability go hand-in-hand for me. From day one, we have considered all our choices from an environmental impact perspective and made the best decisions possible. Recently, being able to share our GOTS certification is a proud achievement for the entire team.”

Organic Cashmere

Traceability throughout our cashmere’s journey from its early days as fine fibres on cashmere goats roaming the plains of Inner Mongolia, to its arrival to us in Sweden is important for us to monitor. With expert knowledge of each stage of production, we can also ensure care is taken to protect the quality and integrity of our entire supply chain. 

In 2022, we took the next steps in solidifying our commitment to transparency and creating the best possible collections for our customers, and the planet. All our cashmere collections meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), certifying their status as 100% Organic. It’s a universally recognised standard that certifies the organic status of textiles, including upholding environmental and social standards throughout the production process.

Effectively, organic cashmere means there is no fertiliser or pesticide used on the land where the goats graze, no harmful dyes are used,  water is treated before being released back into the environment, and there are social standards that also take care of the people throughout the process.

Though Covid-19 has impacted our ability to continue our in-person quarterly visits to our supplier, we continue to work closely with them to support every step of our production processes.

Beyond Cashmere

On its way to you, our cashmere pieces are housed in recycled and recyclable bags that both protects its quality and ensures our sustainability efforts are all-encompassing.

Closer to home, our responsibility extends to our head office and warehouse operations in Stockholm, Sweden. We continue to make decisions to further our sustainability such as introducing a renewable energy provider, a shipping & logistics partner that is climate positive in all its operations, and a business partners that themselves are committed to a sustainable future.

Our journey is ongoing as we strive to improve on our impact on the environment and commitment to providing the better choice for our customers.